PGA Major Special – 50% Golf Swing Training Aids Arm Band – Voted Top 5 training aid by coaches



Arm movement correction belt. Effectively helps golfers improve their golf swings, by correcting ‘flying elbow’ with correct arm positioning. This makes you swing with your big muscles.

This is amazing when used as a aid during practice. It brings the elbows in and corrects the arms so you train your body to reduce to the gap between arms and create more power, accuracy and distance. I have presonally seen my handicap drop due to 20+ extra meters  and the added control with all clubs (9 handicapper).

Highly recommended by top coaches worldwide.


      A common training aid used by coaches worldwide, this easy to apply and remove item is designed to fit all players who want to a fix to their arm/elbow posture.VALUE                  Rated as one of the best products value for money globally, this really is a low cost item with big outcome results.BENEFIT          This will get the big muscles working the swing like they should. Its proven that when used regularly during practice, at home, and before a game, on course muscle memory will take over and ball striking will improve along with greater distance.Product Material – Elastic belt
Product Size Width 7.2cm,Total Length 35.5c