PGA Major Special – 30% off Golf Club Phone Holder



Attach it to your golf buggy, attach it to your club or training sticks, attach it in your car if you must, but get this adjustable swirl phone holder to capture your best and worst moments!

Improve your game by recording your golf swing using this phone holder.


      The golf holder can be clipped on to a golf club, golf cart, alignment stick or anything that fits the diameter of the clip.  This device can rotate 360 degrees and angle to get the perfect recording.VALUE                  At around the same  price as a bucket of 100 balls at the range this item is a must purchase for anyone who wants to improve their swing.BENEFIT          Digitise your swing and keep it forever. Having the ability to get instant feedback via your own phone can fast track swing improvements especially when used with a Swing App that analyses your plane.Stretch size 65-99mm
Product size: 7.8*3.8*12.5cm
Bore dia 414G5mm(can adjust)

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