Golf Club Impact Stickers – best seller list product



Pack of 250 stickers.
Improve your swing accuracy. Develop a better understanding of where the ball strikes your club face, while protecting it with the added protective layer of a sticker.


      A common training aid used by coaches worldwide, the stickers are primarily designed for irons but can be used with woods and drivers (less grooves means less impact on stickers). Easily applied and removed. Best used on a clean club face. Designed to show the player where the ball connects with the ball so adjustments can be made.VALUE                  For the golfer who is serious about game improvement and ball striking consistency.BENEFIT          Knowledge is power. Empower yourself by knowing your contact points on the club to improve accuracy. The best training aid to know your impact zones to adjust your distance from the ball stance. Proven to lower handicaps worldwide when used to improve.Size 2.75×1.875inch or custom

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